Hadsell's CRIMINAL RECORD was horrendous. Click Here to learn more.

Five years prior to Anjelica's murder - Hadsell was accused of abducting his estranged wife and taking her across the country on a violent crime spree, running from police, threatening to kill her parents.

Anjelica's mom's husband, a liar and a coward, with a long history of crime, has been charged with First Degree murder for taking her life by strangulation and poisoning, and then dumping her body in a ditch, 60 miles from home behind an abandoned house.  

She was missing for 39 days and this sleezy worm played as the professional victim, crying to the media, directing searches, and even broke into Anjelica's ex-boyfriend's house and hid her jacket there and then called police to say he had 'found' the jacket in the kid's bedroom.  The evidence against him is profound, but yet he has boldly lied to everyone and even called my children from jail.  "GAME OVER" on his eyelids cause it's all a big game until his eyes are permanently closed.

This is the conniving thug that a Probation Officer, a Family Court Judge and Guardian, and the mother of my children INSISTED was great for my daughters and even better than me, a devoted father, and was given complete liberty with my 3 girls.


It is evil that methodically destroyed my family.

The courts don't provide justice.  Public opinion doesn't provide justice...

It's been 2 3 4 almost 5 years and we still wait for justice.  ALL evidence points directly at WH.  
- He broke into a house to ‘find’ Anjelica’s jacket while she was missing.  It’s believed he was planting the jacket to frame Anjelica’s friend.  
- He 'discovered' multiple items of her clothing along a road 25 miles away yet can't explain how he knew the items were there.
- He likely saw Anjelica last. 
- GPS puts him at the location her body was found 60 miles away, close to where he was working.   To see how twisted he is, here he is crying and staring at the camera

Within 2 weeks of her missing, WH was arrested for B & E, threats & Poss. of Ammo.  In late 2016 he was convicted for the ammo and sentenced to 20 yrs in fed. prison, as a Career Armed Criminal.
Just after his federal conviction in 2016, Ohio pressed charges for the 2005 rape, strangulation, and kidnapping of his wife, something the family courts in Norfolk were fully aware of in 2010, when I was trying to protect my daughters from this man.