"Woe to those who make unjust laws, and deny justice and rights to the poor and the FATHERLESS and the widow... disaster comes." - Isaiah 10:1-3

"Cursed is anyone withholding justice from the FATHERLESS or the foreigner or the widow." - Deuteronomy 27:19

"I, Yahowah, will strike my hands together at those who mistreat the foreigner, the FATHERLESS, and the widow." - Ezekiel 22:7-13

"I Yahowah, will put those on trial, who oppress and deprive justice to the widows, the FATHERLESS, and foreigners." - Malachi 3:5
"Defend the weak, the FATHERLESS... and oppressed." - Psalms 82:3

“If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” - Matthew 18:6

"Pure religion is to look after the FATHERLESS and the widow in their affliction, and separate from the world." - James 1:27

"If you deal justly and do not oppress the foreigner, the FATHERLESS, or the widow, then I, Jehovah, will let you live in the land I gave your ancestors - forever." - Jeremiah 7:5-7

"Jehovah watches over and sustains the foreigner, the FATHERLESS, and the widow." - Psalms 146:9

"Seek justice; Defend the oppressed; Defend the FATHERLESS." - Isaiah 1:17


You removed Anjelica's father from her life.  With the swipe of your pen.
You gave her to a rapist just out of prison.
The only qualification you had for being a family court judge was being a lawyer, but
you couldn't even follow the law.
You knew about his record.  You knew about the alienation.  You knew about the length of time the mother and Hadsell knew each other.  You placed my children in harm's way and one paid with her LIFE, while two are scarred for the rest of their life.  

VIRGINIA CODE § 20-124.3

  1. "MENTAL CONDITION OF THE CHILD." - Anjelica was referring to Hadsell as ‘dad’ on social media within months of meeting him.  She had stopped responding to me or talking to my family and friends.  She was clearly being ‘brain washed’.
  1. "MENTAL CONDITION OF THE PARENTS." - Anjelica’s mother was alienated from her own mother at age 12.  She died just two months before Anjelica was alienated from me, which must have triggered something.  This childhood trauma created a mental condition.
  1. "PARENT'S ABILITY TO MEET CHILD'S NEEDS." - Anjelica had an active father for over 13 years, who shared court-ordered 50/50 custody for 5 of those years.
  1. "CHILD'S TIME W/ SIBLINGS, EXTENDED FAMILY & PEERS." - Anjelica permanently lost half of her time with her sisters and lost contact with friends and family on my side.
  1. "FUTURE ROLE OF THE PARENT." - Anjelica's relationship with her father was erased and she was given to an evil man and selfish mother.
  1. "PARENT SUPPORTING CHILD'S CONTACT WITH OTHER PARENT." - The mother encouraged and manipulated Anjelica to despise her father.  
  1. "PARENT'S DESIRE TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP W/CHILD & RESOLVE DISPUTES." - I obviously wanted to continue being a father.  I could have used some help resolving our disputes.  
  1. "REASONABLE PREFERENCE OF THE CHILD." - This is the only factor that WAS considered and it's actually CHILD ABUSE.  Teenagers can't drive legally or decide if they go to school or if they can have a dog.  What makes you think they can determine which home is best for them?
  1. "HISTORY OF FAMILY ABUSE." - Mr. Hadsell had been convicted or indicted on several crimes that qualify as “Family Abuse”, as determined by the statute - including a grand jury indictment for rape, felony assault, and kidnapping.  The court let him have FULL LIBERTY with 3 young girls - MY DAUGHTERS...

Guardian ad Litem, CHARLES JOHNSON:

You are an incompetent fool.
You were supposed to protect my children.  Instead you recommended that the devil take them.
You bashed me in your report and you lied to make Mr. Hadsell appear safe and friendly.

Johnson is still practicing law at 1310 E. Little Creek Rd. in Norfolk, VA
His phone number is (757) 480-9510.

This report is bias against the father and it supports Hadsell so much that Mr. Johnson actually lied about Hadsell's criminal history...  read on..

Johnson acknowledges I am "the only father Angelica has known".

Wrong date on the marriage - not April, but actually May 12.

He reported that Hadsell got out of prison "in late 2009", when it was actually February 17, 2010, meaning he knew the mother for much less time than Johnson reported.

Hadsell knew Jennifer for a couple months when his 18 year old brother moved into the small 4 bedroom home with my girls - 13, 9, & 7.  Yet nobody saw anything wrong with this.

Mr. Johnson goes into detail to downplay the "Felony Restraint" conviction against Hadsell - without ever verifying this information.

He reports Hadsell later wrote "bad checks", but failed to mention the burglary and larceny.

He reports that Hadsell served "less than two years", when the TRUTH is he served 3 1/2 years.

UNTRUE - "he and the girl were subsequently arrested.. and faced with multiple charges"  -  She was NOT EVER charged or suspected of a crime.  In FACT, all the evidence known at the time showed she was forcefully abducted and held captive for 2 weeks under threat of death.

- "his release in late 2009".  WRONG - Feb. 17, 2010.  This is an important detail, since the mother had only known Hadsell for 2 weeks when she allowed him to move into the home.  Jennifer and Wes were lying to the GAL to make it seem they knew each other longer.

Johnson never spoke to Hadsell's probation officer, so how can he confidently report how compliant with probation that Hadsell was?

Call his violent crimes and extensive history, "youthful indiscretions".

At the end of the page, he quotes the mother, calling me "aggressive and difficult".  I was only difficult once she brought a dangerous person around my daughters.  

Johnson is so bold as to report the cause of our separation 5 years prior.  Not only that, but it was a complete lie.  The cause of our separation was extensive infidelity by the mother.

His report about an incident at a job 7 years prior was not only irrelevant but also false.  He never even checked with me or with the records to verify.

It's annoying that he reports Anjelica's name as Langer and misspells it here. She went by Anjelica Hoffer her entire life.

He fails to mention all the 3 small bedrooms are on the opposite side of the house as the master bedroom.  How can it not be a concern of a proper guardian or judge that a new 18 year old moved in with my 3 girls and one was a teenager 'set free' of her father and rules? 

Johnson took the liberty to notice and report Anjelica still had a home waiting with me.  

It is very aggravating that he points out "she is his step-child".  Why?  I was the only father she had known.  Is that "step"?

In all of this fool's 'wisdom', he reports, "I can think of no good result that would arise if forced (to have her father in her life).  Sad.

Johnson reports, "his girlfriends seem to end up getting themselves into hard situations".  This is how he describes an allege rape and kidnapping and conviction for Felony Restraint.

He reports, "I am confident he can behave appropriately..."

Johnson gloats about Hadsell's 'self-restraint'.  This is actually true.  But it's actually because Hadsell is a psychopathic coward.

At the time of this report my children knew Hadsell for just over 3 months and Johnson is calling him their "step-dad".

Johnson goes on to insult me with lies based on his own anger that I threatened to complain about his complacency. 

This man needs his license revoked.