Making Moves

12.10.17  - I've been studying the law and the government structure.  Learning so much.  Many of the changes I wanted to make ALREADY are in place, but are not effective.  There is ALREADY a Judicial Council, but it obviously has no clue how to run family court.  There is ALREADY a law for judges to follow regarding people with Family Abuse history living with children, but the judges make up their own law as they go.  There is ALREADY a venue for accountability - JIRC, but that is akin to a toilet drain, as is complaining to the BAR or to the Chief Judge of the Family Court.
What's left?
Well I have heard that the move to require background checks of step-parent adoption is being considered to be a bill.  That is good news.  But only a start.
We need to make Guardian ad Litems more EDUCATED, QUALIFIED, and ACCOUNTABLE.  NOW!!!!  That is very important to me.  That is one of the main issues which caused Anjelica's loss.
There needs to be ACCOUNTABILITY for these judges.  Public Hearings, Transparency in the Courts.  You fail - YOU GO!!
I am going to present my research on each of these issues to my legislatures.  I am going to file all the appropriate complaints.  I am seeking justice for my children..  I fight for them - ALL THREE - even though they walked out on me.  A dad's job is NEVER DONE!!     

Zachariah Hoffer

Father of 3 precious girls. Trying to love. Despite my brokenness and despite evil in this world.

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